History & Background

Located near the end of Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok's first modern road, The Charoen AArt stands as a unique space blending Thai, Chinese, and Australian cultures. The name "Charoen AArt" combines the Thai word "Charoen" (เจริญ), meaning “prosper” or “flourish”, with “Art” and “Authenticity”. This symbolises growth and genuine artistic expression. Originally a family home and an accounting & law office, it's now a place where creativity, art and history come together, embodies a rich heritage.

Mission & Vision

The Charoen AArt is more than just a space for creativity; it's a cultural bridge. Our mission is to celebrate artistic heritage and foster dialogue across society. We are committed to blending traditional and contemporary art, making art a journey for everyone.

Philosophy & Founder's Journey

Founded by BRYCE, this space reflects his journey in photography and storytelling. Here, art is more than visual aesthetics; it's a reflection of life, emotions, and memories. This is a space for true expressions and deep connection, inviting everyone to explore, discover and share their unique stories through the medium of art.

The Building

Once an abandoned 5-storey building housing an accounting and law office, now a vibrant creative space showcasing diverse artworks in bustling Bangkok.

where authenticity meets artistry