Artist's Statement: 

Starting anew often arises from life experiences and memories. Supmanee grew up in a landlocked property in the heart of Bangkok, surrounded by untapped green spaces and accessible overpasses. Throughout her youth, she embarked on adventures that immersed herself in the city's hidden natural spaces.

Years later, while living in a concrete building, her connection to nature remains strong – the coolness under trees, the scent of moisture from green plants, the earthy aroma during rainfall, the sounds of insects, and the presence of small creatures persist in her constant memories.

Supmanee often associates these experiences with the city's small and large green spaces, particularly with vacant land for sale that is still teeming with nature. She desires to preserve these elements, allowing them to flourish harmoniously with the natural order. She hopes people find a way to coexist by creating new things without harming the beauty of what already exists.


Supmanee, originally a sustainable architect, transitioned into a full-time artist. Growing up in Sathorn, a green area of Bangkok once known as a garden grove, she developed a special interest in nature and the environment. This led her to work as a research architect focused on environmental quality in buildings and sustainable design.

Her experiences and curiosity in various scientific aspects of art led her to create works using watercolor and acrylic techniques. She explores the interaction between water and paint, creating semi-abstract phenomena on canvas. Her work often delves into the subconscious, portraying stories of microcosmic perspectives and natural forms.

Furthermore, her art is inspired by contemporary environmental issues and data, aiming to raise awareness among viewers about ongoing environmental challenges. Supmanee's art is a fusion of her architectural background, environmental consciousness, and artistic exploration, offering a unique perspective on the natural world and its intricate patterns.

2005 Thammasat University, M.Arch. (Mainly in Architectural Technology & Environmental Design)

2003 Thammasat University, B.S.(Architecture)

Solo Exhibition

2023 ICONSIAM “ VOCs” Bangkok, Thailand
2023 Bangkok Biennale (BAB) Café, “Man-Made Apocalypse”, Bangkok, Thailand
2022 XSPACE, “ The Soul of the Soil”, Bangkok, Thailand 
2021 RCB Gallery, River city Bangkok ,“The Delicacy of Nature”, Bangkok, Thailand
2020 When Life Gives You Lemons “Supmanee’s Journey in Art”, Bangkok, Thailand 
2018 Blackcat Gallery “ Rhythm of Nature”, Melbourne, Australia 
2018 Many cuts Art Space “ Pollen”, Chachoengsao, Thailand
2018 10ml.Cafe Gallery “ Together”, Bangkok,Thailand
2018 La Lanta Fine Art “ Enchanting”, Bangkok,Thailand
2017 Jamjuree Art Gallery “Supmanee’s Art in Nature”, Bangkok, Thailand
2016 Cassia Art Gallery “ A Little More”, Bangkok, Thailand
2015 The Meeting room Art Gallery “My Nest” Chiangmai,Thailand
2014 Dialogue Café and Art Gallery “Dwelling in my mind”,  Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Cassia Art Gallery “ Colours in bloom ,Bangkok, Thailand
2012 Cassia Art Gallery “ Small Eyes - Big Views”, Bangkok,Thailand

Group Exhibition

2023 ICONSIAM “ Ladies Espression”, Bangkok, Thailand 
2020 333 Anywhere“ N O A H : Nature Object Animal Human”, Bangkok, Thailand 
2020 Wausan-ro 94 Hongik University Contemporary Museum“ Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival 2020 : ASYAAF2020”, Seoul, Korea
2020 Palette Art Space “ NIMBY :Not in my Backyard”, Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Sathorn 11 Art Space “ Lovely Blossoms”, Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Joyman Gallery “ Rhythm of Life and Nature” Bangkok, Thailand
2016 IWS-Thailand ,”IWS-Thailand Festival 2016” Huahin , Chonburi
2015 International branch of 2015 World Watercolor Triennale”, Seoul , South Korea
2014 Pennsylvania State Museum , ” the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 35th International Juried Exhibition”, Pennsylvania, USA

Collaboration Project 

2022 Bangkok Art and Cultural Center “ Take Care of Yourself” collaborate with Thailand Clean Air Network, Bangkok, Thailand 
2021 Red.Cose “ Life is Color Fluid” collaborate with Marimba Monday , Bangkok, Thailand

Artist's Interview

Artist's Collection

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