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Featured Artwork: Natural Softness 02 by Supmanee Chaisansuk


An Artistic Transitional Journey: Selected Works by Supmanee Chaisansuk

Following the group exhibition Dawn of Prosperity: Cultural Renaissance, we are excited to collaborate with Artsy for an online exclusive show in the Viewing Rooms, showcasing more of Supmanee Chaisansuk's work as she blends urban and natural elements, exploring her artistic transition from architect to painter.

Nature and Memory

Explore paintings that blend nature beauty with personal memories.

Urban Reflections

See how Supmanee contrasts nature with urban life.

Abstract Interpretations

Experience a collection that shows emotional depth and landscape beauty, showcasing the depth of Supmanee's versatility

Witness the artistic evolution and be inspired by this unique vision.

We're excited to announce upcoming workshops led by Supmanee Chaisansuk. These sessions are great for anyone eager to learn about her artistic process and the stories behind her art.

Discover Natural's Canvas, where urban vibes and natural beauty unite in a visual journey.

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