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Welcome to The Charoen AArt, where art transcends visual aesthetics to become a profound exploration of life, emotions, and memories. Here, we celebrate art as a dynamic reflection of the human experience, providing space for true expressions and deep connections.

We invite creatives from diverse backgrounds to share their unique stories through experimental, contemporary, and authentic artistry.

    • High-Resolution Images: Up to 30 samples of your artwork in digital format.
    • Documentation of Artworks: Details for each piece, including the artist's name, title, year, medium, dimensions, and any special requirements.
    • Resume or CV: A brief biography (75-100 words) covering your background and exhibition history.
    • Artist Statement: A minimum of 150 words discussing how your work reflects our philosophy and themes, with references to specific pieces.
  • Proposals are reviewed based on artistic quality, thematic coherence, innovation, and logistical feasibility. Successful candidates will be invited for a personal interview, a key part of the final selection process.

    • Notification of proposal status will be provided within six weeks of submission.
    • An exhibition invitation via email with potential dates and logistical details.
    • Collaboration on final artwork selection and layout with our team or guest curators.
    • Exhibited works will be featured on Artsy, reaching a global audience.
    • Potential inclusion in international art fairs, enhancing your work's visibility.
    • Artworks must be ready for display and meet our presentation standards.
    • Comprehensive insurance coverage is provided for all artworks during the exhibition.
    • Artworks cannot be rearranged or removed before the exhibition ends. Sold works are released post-exhibition.
    • After the selected artists have accepted the invitation, we will arrange discussions on other related details.

Together, let’s create a meaningful dialogue through art that reaches and resonates with both local and international audiences.

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