In-Focus | Supmanee Chaisansuk

Through her semi-abstract acrylic paintings, Supmanee invites us to listen to nature's whispers and reflect on our place within the natural world.

Painting with Heart and Nature

Supmanee Chaisansuk's journey from being an architect to a painter is a heartfelt story of change and passion. She once designed buildings, but now she paints, infusing her love for nature into every piece of art. Her story teaches us about following our hearts and embracing our true calling, no matter how different it might seem.

Supmanee's shift to art didn't erase her architectural past; it enriched her paintings. She blends her knowledge of structure with the wild beauty of nature, creating art that feels alive and speaks to our souls. Her move reminds us that it's okay to change paths and explore new passions.

Her paintings are a mix of real and imagined worlds, showing nature in a way that feels both familiar and new. Inspired by everything from the greenery of her childhood to the pressing issues of the environment today, Supmanee uses her brushes to discuss the beauty of nature and why we should care for it.

Supmanee paints with her heart, allowing colours and water to dance on the canvas before finding their place. This process is like a conversation with her materials, one that starts with feeling and ends with thought. It's a unique way of creating that brings out the unexpected beauty in her work.

Supmanee doesn't just want people to look at her art; she wants them to feel it and think about it. Her paintings are doors to discussions about nature, our impact on it, and how we can live in harmony with it. She believes art can make us see the world differently and care more deeply.

As Supmanee continues to grow as an artist, she explores how to connect more deeply with nature and express it in her art. She's curious about blending the world inside us with the world outside, showing that art can be a bridge between feelings and the environment.

Supmanee Chaisansuk's story is a beautiful reminder that it's never too late to follow your heart into something new. Through her art, she shows us the beauty of nature, the importance of caring for it, and how change can lead to fulfilling and meaningful work. Her journey is an inspiration to see the world with wonder and remember that our passions can make a difference.

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