In-Focus | Christine BLOM

Serving as a bridge between the personal and the universal, Christine's sculptures offer space for reflection, empathy, and inspiration

Art from a Life on the Move

Christine Blom's story is about turning a love for exploring the world into beautiful art. Ignoring her parents' wishes, she became a sculptor, art teacher, and curator. Her art, born from her travels and the people she meets, is simple yet full of feeling, showing us life through her eyes.

Her sculptures are stories about change and resilience. Crafted from the ups and downs of her life, they teach us to see the beauty in new beginnings and challenges. Each piece sparks a conversation about growing up, moving on, and finding ourselves in the hustle of life.

Christine's art isn't rooted in one place; it's inspired by the multitude of cultures she's experienced. This mix of influences helps her create art that speaks to everyone, about being human and connecting with others. As a curator, she shares this diverse array of art with the world.

Her collection encourages us to reflect on our own stories. Touching on universal emotions, her sculptures prompt us to explore our shared human experiences. Christine's art celebrates the journey of life, highlighting the importance of embracing changes and the beauty of authenticity. Through her work, Christine reveals the beauty of a life lived across various landscapes, reminding us of art's power to connect us to our deepest emotions.

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