Artist's Statement:

I have been a nomad all my life. Even as a child, I changed schools, friends, and houses many times. As an adult, I continued this pattern, travelling around the world with my family, changing jobs, homes, countries, cultures, and languages. Each transition marked a new beginning, a new chapter. These moments challenged my self-imposed boundaries and were the perfect opportunities to reflect on what I truly wanted and what was necessary for a prosperous outcome. My journey of self-discovery up to this point has been genuine and valuable. Every experience has influenced my work, my art, and, of course, my lifestyle, priorities, and concerns about society and the future. In my sculptures, I express the emotions, self-discovery, challenges, and joy that change and new beginnings represent for a couple, an individual, or a generation.


French, a nomad, artist sculptor, art teacher, and curator who lived in different countries before settling in Bangkok a little over two years ago. Passionate about all forms of art, Christine's journey into creativity took a significant turn during an expatriation in Brussels, Belgium, where she first engaged with clay, profoundly transforming her life and perspectives. This medium helps her express her emotions and state of mind throughout her global journey with her family, embodying her roles as a woman, wife, mother, and nomad. Bangkok has offered her light, colours, diversity, a sense of sharing, and all kinds of beauty, making her an integral part of a vibrant and colourful art scene.

Christine's artistic path began in Annabelle Hyvrier’s studio, followed by studies at the Fine Art University in Lisbon. From there, experimentation has characterised her career and self-taught, with life lessons, the impact of new cultures, and opportunities fuelling her growth. Her storytelling, both evident and therapeutic, began to take shape, leading her to exhibit her work in Lisbon, where the emotional connection people had with her work.

From Lisbon to Hong Kong, Bangkok to Europe, Christine has participated in various group exhibitions, sharing her journey and connecting with audiences worldwide through her art.

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