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Artist's Statement:

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage.” – Brené Brown

BRYCE's transformation of an old family home into The Charoen AArt, a place where authenticity and artistry meet, is a story of resilience. This journey, marked by self-taught exploration and personal challenges, reflects his own life’s path of renewal and endless experimentation, challenging the norms of a world that often seeks to maintain the status quo.

Faced with challenges and difficulties, BRYCE navigated with self-compassion, self-acceptance, and love, seeing vulnerability as a path to courage, engagement and meaningful connection. This allows him to deeply connect with his emotions and find resilience through empathy and compassion. Despite many setbacks, he is determined to continue this journey. These deep experiences become the foundation for The Charoen AArt, a space that celebrates diverse creative expressions and shares the essence of being human. 

‘Continity’ along with The Charoen AArt itself, embodies BRYCE’s belief in the transformative power of creativity to connect, heal and inspire. This is a celebration of overcoming personal struggles, the courage to reveal one’s true self, and the kindness that connects us all. In a space where limitation and boundaries faded, through authenticity and artistry, emerges the beauty of new beginnings and the endless cycle of renewal.


As BRYCE, a Thai-Australian experimenter, my journey has been a continuous journey of capturing the raw moments of life and exploring the meaning of colours through unique photographic processes. My work, a personal journey, serves as a medium for connecting diverse narratives, encouraging viewers to reflect shared human experiences. I blend both traditional and contemporary photographic techniques, alongside home-based scientific experimentation, to create layers and colours that resemble paintings, which I simply called #CameraAsBrush. This is my invitation to deeper interaction and fosters connections between viewers with art. A self-taught path driven by curiosity has led me to experiment with various methods of photographic creation, which has enabled me to proudly share my vision, gain recognition, and bridge cultural gaps through creativity and exploration.

My artistic path is self-taught, driven by relentless experimentation. It began with a camera, and I embarked on a journey of trial and error, delving into various photographic techniques and the science behind art creation. This process has shaped my unique approach to visual storytelling, blending intuition with a methodical understanding of photography's technical aspects.

Fortunate to exhibit globally, from Barcelona’s Experimental Photography Festival to Bangkok's Mango Art Festival. Since returning to Thailand, my approach has evolved through experimentation with different styles and techniques. This blend of experimentation and diverse perspectives defines my work, reflecting who I am as an experimenter.

My exhibitions have offered a platform to share the vivid colours and vision of my creations with a wide audience. Achieving international recognition, including being a finalist in The Miami Street Photography Festival and receiving honourable mentions in IPA Street & Travel and LifeFramer Street Life in 2020, highlights the global impact of my exploration and discovery. These experiences allow me to connect deeply with others through my creations, but also its capacity to foster connections and dialogue around mental health and well-being, inviting viewers to explore their vulnerabilities and find common ground in the shared human experience.

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