Raising Energy I

  • Artist
  • Nationality

    Thai / Australian

  • Genre

    Narrative Abstraction, Conceptual Art, Experimental Photography

  • Style


Artwork Details:
2021, Archival inks on ILFORD Galerie Textured Cotton Rag, carefully set on sturdy foam board, and framed in a sleek silver shadow gap frame, #CameraAsBrush, size 20 H x 24 W x 1.5 D in.

Artist's Note:
'Raising Energy I' is where we start feeling the big feelings that came with the health crisis. It's like the first deep breath we take before we dive into something unknown. The colours and lines are like our first steps, full of hope and a little worry. This piece symbolises the courage found amidst uncertainty. Its creation began with an unexpected twist—a film mistakenly loaded into the camera.